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Now including enhanced Transportation data, Avista is the most comprehensive environmental search report available with seven key searches. Alongside an intuitive design and plain English explanations, the results are intelligently filtered to clarify risks and next steps quickly and clearly.

The unique and powerful Groundsure IQ engine analyses over 106 million data points to produce every Avista report. These include data on Contaminated Land, all four major flood risks, ground stability, radon, current and planned energy features and transportation, and 10 years of planning data*.

By filtering these environmental datasets, using Land Registry polygons, only relevant results are returned. Plus we’ve worked hard to ensure that no-one is overwhelmed by confusing jargon and intuitive design makes it easy to locate vital information and next steps.

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Avista report

Homebuyers Plus

Groundsure’s Homebuyers Plus report is a new residential environmental risk report, an enhanced version of the existing Homebuyers report which will keep your transaction moving faster. This report is based on Land Registry polygons (the original Homebuyers is point based), and has several new features, vastly improved layout, design and clearer navigation – all improving conveyancer workflow.

Improvements include: flood risk assessment now includes new JBA 5m groundwater data in addition to all other flooding sources; an improved format, up to 70% fewer pages and only the information you need, reducing printing and postage costs.

Homebuyers Plus reviews flood, contaminated land, ground stability and screens other environmental risks such as energy, transportation and planning* to provide comprehensive environmental checks for a residential property.

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Homebuyers Plus - old vs new

Enviro All-in-One

The Enviro All-in-One is the UK’s FIRST and ONLY combined environmental and CON29M mining search brought to you by the Coal Authority and Groundsure

The enhanced Enviro All-in-One is a fully integrated residential environmental risk report. It is the only available report to combine the official CON29M coal mining search with flood, contaminated land, ground stability and radon searches. It also screens other environmental risks such as energy installations, transportation and planning applications.

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Developed by Groundsure

Groundsure is the leading provider of environmental search reports in the UK. Our dedicated and specialist team are committed to producing information that informs better property decisions. At Groundsure, over 30 environmental professionals are focused on using our knowledge in new, innovative and accurate ways. The team is dedicated to our customers and making Groundsure data accessible, valuable and helpful.

Redesigned and improved

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*Planning is searched to the following distances:
Mega urban areas – 250m for large projects, 50m for small projects and house extensions
Urban areas – 500m for large projects, 125m for small projects and 50m for house extensions
Rural areas – 750m for large projects, 500m for small projects and 125m for house extensions