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Groundsure offers a compelling and broad mining product set, with geo-environmental experts and geospatial data scientists providing advice and information products across the spectrum of geo-environmental risks.

We pride ourselves on the quality service we offer our clients and are relied upon by professionals across all land, property and development industries.

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Mining Searches 

Avista: Ten conveyancing searches in one report

Now includes a full mining search incorporating (where applicable) a CON29M, non-coal mining (covering tin, chalk, limestone and many other minerals), plus a Cheshire Salt Search - as standard. There is no need to buy an additional mining report such as GeoRisk or GeoRisk +, a CON29M or a Cheshire Salt Search.

Powered by the Groundsure IQ - a unique tool combining in-depth data, algorithms, AI and expert analysis - we analyse over 110 million data points to produce every Avista report. Every piece of data is intelligently filtered and assessed.

By filtering these environmental datasets, using Land Registry polygons, only relevant results are returned. Plus, we’ve worked hard to ensure that no-one is overwhelmed by confusing jargon and intuitive design makes it easy to locate vital information and next steps.

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Hidden Hazards: Understanding non-coal mining property risks

Conveyancers are familiar with obtaining CON29M reports for coal mining risk, but this is very far from the whole story on wider risks from past mining activity across the country .

Our exclusive white paper examines the clear and present risks from past mining hazards for minerals other than coal.  It also shows how this impacts on some of the most populous parts of our major cities affecting significantly more households and properties than coal mining.  

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Site investigations

Our skilled team provide clear, concise and accurate information. We carry out investigations using our bespoke GIS (geographical information systems) and survey tools with up to 1cm accuracy, so we can identify recorded features quickly and log unrecorded features precisely. We pride ourselves on our communication skills during the investigation and will help in any way we can.

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Our In-house Experts are Here to Help

We have a team of expert geologists, historians and archaeologists on hand who can analyse and advise on the degree of risk to your client's property. Following the acquisition of Mining Searches UK by Groundsure in 2020, the team is fully integrated into the wider search and consultancy support service. They have particularly extensive experience with mining in the south west, including tin and other metalliferous and stone mining, as well as access to one of the UK’s leading mining data catalogues. 

The team can either undertake a closer examination of the records and advise on the telephone, or provide a more detailed site investigation. It may be that on closer inspection the likelihood of collapse due to the depth and type of mineral means that it may have a limited impact on the homebuyer, in which case the transaction can continue as planned, subject to other matters. 

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BS EN ISO 9001 : 2015 Certification

Groundsure is pleased to announce that its Cornwall office has been accredited to quality standard ISO 9001 : 2015. This system takes forward the previous Mining Searches UK system and has been improved with Groundsure's overarching data governance system.

Groundsure ISO 9001 Certification

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