Jeremy Haigh, Director at Premier Energy


Jeremy Haigh is a Director at Premier Energy Services, one of the fastest growing niche utility management consultants in the UK. Following a long 20 year career in utility management markets, he was invited by the BSI to assist with the development of the new BSi PAS 128.

PAS 128 is the new “Specification for Underground Utility Detection, Verification and Location”. Published in July last year the BSi has sought to define quality levels for each type of survey as the accuracy of utility discovery improves throughout the development life cycle.

Jeremy is recognised as an industry expert in the area of utility information management for BIM as well as the market for Utility Reports and Quality Level D (QL-D) surveys. He has experience that began in the land acquisition markets and understands well how QL-D informs the acquisition of land from a legal due diligence and residual values perspective. He has also spent 15 years as a utility consultant managing utilities on behalf of developers, as well as understanding large project program impacts.