Did you know that by not investigating energy alerts your customers are missing out on potentially vital information for their clients?

Groundsure Homebuyers is the flagship environmental search for residential properties. Amongst other important information about the property, it also provides an energy alert to raise awareness of existing or planned energy infrastructure in the vicinity of the property. Unfortunately, many of the alerts aren’t investigated which could potentially mean the purchaser isn’t able to make a fully informed decision on the purchase.

We appreciate that there are a range of reports which conveyancers typically order for every purchase, however, these alerts aren’t there to add on unnecessary searches – they are there to ensure thorough due diligence both for the conveyancer and their clients.

Of the Energy Reports obtained as a result of the energy alert in the Groundsure Homebuyers report:

  • 94% highlighted a wind installation
  • 88% highlighted an area for licensed oil and gas exploration
  • 41% highlighted a planning application related to exploration, development and production of hydrocarbons
  • 82% highlighted a solar installation

Groundsure’s energy alerts will make you aware of potential implications for the home buyer and ensure the most complete due diligence is carried out for your clients.

If you would like more information about our energy alerts and what to look out for please do get in touch.