Groundsure is a location intelligence business. We provide high value, property-specific opinions, and analysis of land use based on the leading datasets that we collect and curate.

We have organically grown from a small start-up to a truly innovative and market-leading intelligence business that supports and facilitates land and property transactions.

Groundsure began trading in 2001 in response to the growing need and evolving criteria for detailed environmental search reports and information to support residential and commercial property transactions in the UK. The company began with great ideas and ambitions which led to the development of a single environmental search report. This formed the blueprint for our other products, including our flagship residential search report – Homebuyers.

In 2003 we won major projects for TK Maxx which was swiftly followed by our contracts in 2004 supplying environmental searches on behalf of the Environment Agency, and gaining major clients including Thames Water and Nabarro. 2005 was a significant year for us as we saw Barclays Bank as the first major UK lender to adopt our Siteguard solution as part of their lending risk process.

We invested heavily in the development of new products and launched our Insight line in 2006 – which provided detailed historical mapping and geo-environmental data solutions specifically for environmental consultancies. This was a natural progression as we understood that for consultancies to be able to provide environmental opinion, they needed high quality and accurate data. The data we provide in our Insight line is the same data our in-house consultancy team use when interpreting our reports.

In 2007 Groundsure was acquired by Emap Ltd and joined their umbrella of exciting and innovative insight brands. During 2008 and 2009 we won major projects for Barclays Capital, AIG, the Co-Operative Group, Eversheds, TM Group, UK Coal and X-Press Legal Services. In 2010 we launched the Enviro-All-In-One with the Coal Authority, the first residential search report to combine environmental, flood and coal risk.

We celebrated our 10th birthday in 2011, and 2012 saw Emap Ltd restructured to become Top Right Group, now Ascential Plc. Since 2012, Groundsure has grown exponentially with a fantastic product range to suit all residential and commercial property transactions. In 2013 we launched our successful .MAP platform offering data to architects, surveyors and environmental consultants.

In 2015 we undertook a full rebrand, with new names chosen to reflect the relevant markets we serve – Searches and Insights.

Today we provide over 100 different products and have established key partnerships with the UK’s authoritative data providers including Ordnance Survey, BGS, and JBA Consulting. We pride ourselves on the quality service we offer our clients and are relied upon by professionals across all land, property and development industries.