Back in 2006, Groundsure, the UK’s leading provider of environmental data, began supplying our exclusive historic mapping archive direct to the environmental consultancy industry and so the Groundsure Insights business was born.

Since then we have been working hard to provide the highest quality reports and services on the market.

We are incredibly proud of what we have achieved in our first decade and have included some of the highlights below:



Groundsure launches a range of data reports including the highest quality historic map archive available in the UK. Not only was the collection digitised at the highest resolution and is the only one in colour, there are also 1.1 million maps in the archive.


The Groundsure Insight name is launched. After years of being referred to as the ‘Environmental Data Report’, ‘Geology and Ground Stability Report’ and ‘Map Pack Report’, the Enviro Insight, Geo Insight and Map Insight names are introduced.


Complete Groundsure Insight Pack introduced. A single product that includes all three key reports, the Enviro, Geo and Map Insight priced at just £179.


New ordering platform called .Map is launched offering free map views, free site intelligence and combining digital and pdf map products AND environmental reports.


.Map rebrands to be called Groundsure Insights, reflecting the importance of the Insight brand and the environmental consultancy community.


Fixed price utility report added offering nationwide pricing guarantee for sites requiring a utility report up to 25 ha for just £299.


Digital interactive .pdf and .dwg version of utility reports are launched. The new report overlays utility information, including capacity and flow data, onto a single OS Mastermap view which can be used for BIM projects. Sets a new standard for price, turnaround and quality.


.shp file upload tool added to ensure reports are based on completely accurate site boundaries with no drawing required. Not only does this innovation ensure accuracy but it saves time too.
Linear site drawing tool added to make drawing linear sites with varying buffers quick, simple and accurate.


Groundsure Insight GIS Data launched. This year Groundsure Insights sets another new industry standard for environmental data. Clear and consistent formatting, useful metadata, standard presentation to complement the pdf report. All designed with the industry to help your analysis be quicker and more accurate.


Complete Groundsure Insight Pack still £179!


Many thanks to all of our customers and partners who have continued to use us over the last decade.

You and specifically your invaluable feedback has helped contribute to Groundsure Insights now being the market leading platform that it is today.

If you haven’t used us for a while, or maybe you never have, why not give us a go on your next project?  It’s free to register for an account, view the mapping and plot your site to get a live price for your reports.

From all the team here at Groundsure thank you again, and here’s looking forward to the next decade!