GeoRisk and GeoRisk + 


Mining and stability covered in every transaction - why take the risk?

Historic mining and ground stability affects properties across the country - your clients' transactions need protecting. To vist the product home page click here. GeoRisk is now the standard to provide that protection and assurance. This is why:


The most comprehensive data available

  • Groundsure and MSUK have the single largest collection of mining data in the UK with millions of historical mining features - other providers have to go to external data suppliers for this level of data which can slow down the turnaround of each report.
  • A suite of products to cover the risk from coal mining, all other mining, brine, natural ground stability, and recorded ground movement.
  • GeoRisk and GeoRisk + are the first to market mining and ground stability reports to include COASTAL EROSION data and British Geological Survey National Landslide data.
  • The Groundsure Historical Land Use Database has data going back to 1840 and consists of a database of c.6 million digitised land use features derived from a comprehensive collection of 1.5 million historical Ordnance Survey (OS) maps.
  • The reports include British Geological Survey 1:10,000 scale data (1:50,000 scale alternatives can potentially miss features).
  • Whilst 25% of properties lie on the coalfield, Groundsure estimates that a further 43% of properties may also be affected by mining and ground stability issues unrelated to coal mining.
  • The only desktop mining reports you will ever need.

Including several unique datasets

  • Over 50% of the data in GeoRisk reports is unique that is unavailable elsewhere.
  • Groundsure’s Historical Land Use Database (HLUD).
  • MSUK’s extensive archive of mining records/features.
  • High granularity of recorded satellite movement data, provided by SatSense.
  • Recorded sinkhole incidents dataset containing 75,000 records - the largest dataset available.
  • British Geological Survey Shrink-Swell Subsidence Assessment data.
  • Groundsure oil and gas data.

With the best expert analysis







  • The MSUK team has over 40 years of hands-on, in the field experience in mining risk assessment. Mining Searches UK bring advanced and in depth knowledge of mining legacy liabilities with significant expert witness experience. 
  • The Groundsure team brings you an unbeatable 200+ years of combined experience in ground stability and environmental risk. Leading advice supporting transaction progression and completion.
  • Where issues are identified, our in-house team of geo-environmental experts give clear guidance and advice on complex mining and ground stability issues with deal oriented guidance on next steps.
  • Groundsure provide this report with data from various esteemed third parties:
    • Take advantage of the authoritative and academic expertise of the SatSense team
    • The most comprehensive stability data courtesy of the British Geological Survey (BGS) and Peter Brett Associates (PBA)
    • Environment Agency
    • Oil and Gas Authority
    • Ordnance Survey.

Providing clarity and transparency

  • The report uses the Groundsure formula for best in class layout and navigation - designed for quick and easy interpretation, getting you to the information you and your clients need faster.
  • Optimised design and navigation brought to you by the leading brand in property searches.
  • Easy to understand client ready copy - GeoRisk is accessible to everyone involved in the transaction.
  • Clear navigation, layout and design - enabling streamlined workflow for smarter and faster decisions.
  • The report includes an OS MasterMap plan of the site and there are no blank pages - get to the information you need quicker.

Multiple time and financial savings

  • Groundsure is one of the preferred suppliers to the UK property secured lending market. With over half of the UK’s residential property transactions using a Groundsure report as part of the decision making process. GeoRisk meets lending security compliance, whilst addressing your obligations under The Law Society guidance on mining risk.
  • A competitively priced suite of reports and certificates - time and money savings with every transaction.
  • Comparing site size prices with other products on the market you will not find a more cost effective solution - save up to £200 with GeoRisk +.
  • If the property is neither on the coal field or in a Cheshire brine affected area, you can save money with the cost-effective non-coal option (GeoRisk).
  • And if our product alerts identify that no search is required, provide peace of mind with the competitively priced GeoRisk Certificates.
  • £10m Professional Indemnity Insurance.