If a risk is identified in Avista, what happens next?

We’ve designed Avista to ensure everyone clearly understands more of the information associated with a property, including any risks, earlier, and all of that information is clearly presented and written in plain English.

The Avista Action Alert provides clear next steps designed to help understand what to do next if a risk is identified. The Avista Action Alert also shows at a glance how difficult or time-consuming different next steps can be and indicates to the conveyancer how urgent it is to inform their client and get started.

Avista Action Alert: Having processed location specific results, Avista is able to identify recommended or optional actions.

By further analysing the complexity and time it takes to complete these actions, the Avista Action Alert provides a clear score that conveyancers can use to prioritise work at a glance, improve case management and keep transactions moving.

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