What information and searches does the Avista report include?

As well as detailed information on the search results that could have an impact, on the last page(s) of most reports you will also find a clear index of all the searches that have not found anything relevant to this property. For example the report will not return a search result for HS2 on a property located in Brighton but if a property is located near to Sheffield and is within 2.5 km of either proposed route it would.

Avista includes the following:

• Front page with address, outline polygon, lending risk assessment and Avista Action Alert score plus the high level rating for all seven environmental searches
• Details of the professional bodies we belong to and work with, to provide confidence in our reports and their findings
• Any recommended next steps with our Avista Action Alert, designed to help conveyancers keep transactions moving
• Easy to understand information on searches in which results have been identified including larger, more detailed maps
• Professional assessment on Contaminated Land
• Any findings across the four main types of flood risk
• Ground stability risk factors
• Other environmental findings, including local occurrence of Radon gas
• Infrastructure including oil and gas, wind and solar
• Transport results that may have an effect on properties, including railways, HS2 and Crossrail
• Planning for large, small and extension applications
• Detailed index of all searches that return results and location of further details

Where the data used is not owned by Groundsure we select quality third party data to make sure you have all the information you need at your fingertips. The providers we work with give us highly detailed, best in class data that is both accurate and reliable, at a reasonable cost. Where we modify data, strict quality control procedures are used, as set out by our in house panel of IEMA accredited environmental consultants.

Groundsure encourages and promotes the continuous improvement of its products and operates a continual data enhancement program in order to identify and correct errors. If a potential inaccuracy is found in a report, it should be reported to Groundsure who will log, check and amend it if necessary. Where 3rd party data is found to be incorrect Groundsure will notify the supplier. Please note, Groundsure are not always allowed to amend such data in the report themselves, but the outcome of the report will be amended accordingly.

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