What are the Avista Terms and Conditions?

Just like with any other residential search report from Groundsure, our Terms and Conditions are designed to explain the legal relationship between Groundsure and users of the report. A copy of it is available here.

The opinions expressed by Groundsure in Avista are covered by our Professional Indemnity Insurance, and governed by these Terms and Conditions, visible here or provided in the post on request.
£89 (when you buy the report directly from Groundsure) relates to an Avista residential report for a single residential property up to 15 hectares. For larger sites, customers can request a tailored price.

Please note: The standard Groundsure Terms and Conditions apply to all Groundsure reports including Avista. Individual search providers may have different terms and conditions, so we advise you contact your search provider directly to obtain a copy of these. In addition, your search provider will be able to advise on any ordering or cancellation queries you may have.

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