Inside the Enviro All-in-One report

Date: 25-09-2018
Subject: Inside the Enviro All-in-One report
Organiser: Groundsure
Time: 11:00
Location: Webinar

This presentation will look at the original and only combined environmental and CON29M report, the Enviro-All-in-One. This report, which has been available since 2010, has recently been redesigned and re-launched in collaboration with the Coal Authority to provide a fully integrated solution.

We’ll take a closer look at what the report includes and provide some practical advice and next steps should the report highlight any potential impacts and risks.

In this presentation we will cover the following:

  • Coal and environmental overview
  • The history and partnership between Groundsure and The Coal Authority
  • The importance of good data
  • Product evolution and benefits
  • Why do you need the EAIO?
  • What’s included in the report?
  • A breakdown of each section
  • Expert follow-on support