Groundsure’s enhanced and redesigned commercial reports

Date: 29-11-2018
Subject: Groundsure's enhanced and redesigned commercial reports
Organiser: Groundsure
Time: 11:00
Location: Groundsure

This session will provide a detailed overview of the new Groundsure Screening and Groundsure Review reports.

Designed in partnership with Property Lawyers, these new reports use clear and concise intelligent structuring throughout. The design has been greatly improved with easy navigation and guidance using plain English explanations making the findings easier to interpret, saving you and your client time. These new comprehensive solutions explore environmental risk for commercial property transactions with only relevant results returned, making for concise and easy to follow results and recommendations. The focus of this presentation will be around the environmental content, the suitability of the reports for different commercial transactions, and the process behind the solicitor led evolution of these comprehensive environmental reports.

The webinar will take an in-depth look at the new Commercial Groundsure Screening and Groundsure Review;

  • What has changed and why 
  • Design and navigation 
  • Content and data quality 
  • Groundsure Screening; NEW full flood assessment and more 
  • Groundsure Review; NEW full energy and transportation data and more 
  • Overview of key features and benefits – a more advanced commercial solution 
  • Pre and post-sales support including qualified environmental consultants on hand to answer any questions