A 3D tour and guide to Mine Plans. How they affect your search result.

DateOct 27, 2021
Time11:00 am
TrainerNick Treble

Ever wonder what the mine search results actually mean and how they are interpreted? Our experts will take you on a tour to show how we interpret mine records in 3D, showing what they look like in reality and how they are used. They will cover the following:

  • How mine plans have been historically interpreted.
  • Examples of old MRO, OS and other mining plans and cross sections
  • How this relates to the search we currently offer
  • What Mine workings look like in reality
  • How we can show them in 3D
  • Showing investigation and ground data in 3D
  • Case Study: How this can all be used on a site to understand the mine workings and ground conditions
  • Show difference between 2D interpretation and 3D model.
  • Introduction to new technologies that we allow for better understanding using 3D modelling.