Intrusive Site Investigations

Intrusive site investigations are most commonly required under the planning regime; where there are suspected significant ground contamination risks; or where the preliminary risk assessment has identified areas of high risk that cannot be mitigated via environmental management.

An intrusive investigation is subsequently undertaken to quantify the nature and extent of ground contamination risks, and to determine the likely requirements for remedial action.

This investigation incorporates sampling and analysis of soils and groundwater, and monitoring of ground gases where appropriate. The site investigation strategy is designed using the Conceptual Site Model (CSM) for cost effective detailed risk assessment. The initial CSM is then refined to reflect the updated information.

Where significant ground contamination is identified, and the associated risks cannot be successfully mitigated, an appraisal of remedial options and subsequent remediation works (Phase 3) will be required.

We provide support through the risk assessment phases, providing advice and technical support throughout the planning or conveyancing process.

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