A Christmas Story

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The scene: a vast city hungover by a mist of exhaust fumes, accompanied by the sound of Christmas carols and clinking beer bottles. It’s the season of yuletide intertwined with wastefulness, want and ignorance. A guilty party, guiltier than most, is preparing tomorrow’s feast. Already he has boned out the crown of a turkey, the


Pollution incidents


Sarah Gathergood is an environmental consultant at Groundsure. In this blog, Sarah discusses pollution incidents and how they may affect you. If you have any questions or comments about this blog, you can contact the residential consultancy team at residential@groundsure.com Although written sometime around the 1950s, Tom Lehrer’s comedic song ‘Pollution’ still rings true in today’s world.


Rampion Wind Farm: A Case Study


How easy is it to plan, construct and start up an offshore wind farm? This blog by Sarah Gathergood, an environmental consultant at Groundsure, will take the reader through a timeline following the conception and development of the Rampion Wind Farm. If you have any questions or comments about this article, you can contact the residential consultancy


Flooding Risks and New Build Developments


Back in April this year, a planning bill was put forward by MPs which would require all new housing to have their own sustainable drainage systems, rather than allowing developers to simply connect the new housing onto existing systems [1]. The aim of this was to help prevent overburdening the existing systems and decrease the


Turning Carbon Dioxide to Stone – ‘CarbFix’

CarbFix 1

Carbon dioxide – our friend and our foe. According to NASA, the current level of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere is the highest it has ever been in the past 400,000 years [1]. The general consensus amongst climate scientists is that we, as a human race, need to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions for


Cranleigh Brick and Tile Works

non-functional land

Cranleigh Brick and Tile Works is situated eight miles from Guildford in Surrey and is a great example of how we can work to give value back to historically deemed, non-functional land. Image obtained from Google Earth on 29/03/2016 Cranleigh Brick and Tile Works is around 32 hectares and has a multifarious history originating with