Recovering from injury

Sports injuries are almost inevitable amongst athletes. Whether they are small niggles from over training, strained muscles or broken bones from crashes, they can become a debilitating part of every athlete’s career. Sometimes it’s not just the pain of the injury itself, but the frustration of not being able to push yourself in training and


Shoreham Cement Works

Driving down the A283 towards Shoreham you may have noticed the hauntingly beautiful buildings of the former Shoreham Cement Works. Although partially derelict, the smashed windows, crumbling silos and rusted metalwork tell a story about West Sussex’s industrial significance. Cement Production The production of cement begins with the quarrying of raw materials including limestone, clay


El Niño to blame for the extreme UK weather?

el nin

Many of us have noticed the unusually wet and warm winter we are currently facing in the UK, but what are the causes of this strange phenomenon? It’s not just the UK that’s facing irregular weather patterns. Severe flooding has been observed in parts of South America, with devastating storms in Northern America and droughts