Perhaps it’s time to rethink your workplace design?

Manos Boulmpasakos is an environmental consultant at Groundsure. In this blog, Manos discusses workplace design and the impact that it can have on productivity. If you have any comments or questions about this blog, please email Nowadays, there seems to be certain ideas on how a company seeks to boost the productivity of their


Starter Homes

In this blog, Manos Boulmpasakos, an environmental consultant at Groundsure, analyses the ‘Starter Homes’ scheme. If you have any questions or comments about this article, you can contact the commercial consultancy team at 200,000 will benefit from the Starter Homes scheme – What about the rest? When someone visits the government’s webpage for the


Sky High Prices?

house prices

Young professionals stepping on the housing ladder – achievable or just wishful thinking? Are we the generation of Young Professionals that will never own a home? Forecasts for the property market for the next five years are far beyond what someone could call optimistic. With property prices predicted to rise as high as 26.4% in


Brownfield Land and the Housing Crisis

brownfield land

Attention is focused on brownfield land as it is considered a strong asset in tackling the housing crisis. It is predicted that over the coming years the Greater London housing shortage is going to increase sharply. The document “Further Alterations to the London Plan”, that was published by The Greater London Authority in 2014 indicated