Bringing Brownfield Sites Back To Use – Olympic Parks

The Olympic Games bringing out the best of not only athletes but also developers. This is the second instalment in a series of blog posts which will present examples of the implementation of different remediation technologies for the clean-up and redevelopment of contaminated sites. Recent Groundsure blogs on remediation of contaminated land have looked at


Bringing brownfield sites back to use

brownfield sites

Bringing brownfield sites back to use. Remediation of contaminated land. This is the first instalment in a series of blog posts which will present different remediation technologies for cleaning up contaminated sites and examples of their implementation in the UK. The UK, as the first industrialised country in the world, has been estimated to hold


One of the biggest secrets of World War II

decoy sites

During the Second World War a secret department was formed at Britain’s Air Ministry to co-ordinate a strategy to defeat German bombing by deception. With the help of leading technicians from the film industry, a broad range of day and night decoy sites to mislead enemy bombers were built throughout the island (1). This campaign


Environmental contamination and Warfare


Environmental contamination as a collateral damage of warfare The production of weapons, the destruction of buildings and oil fields, fires, military transport movements, chemical spraying, the presence of bombs and landmines still remaining unexploded, the disposal of munitions and the lack of care in its manufacture caused by the urgency of production are all examples


Giant crater opens on one of the busiest roads of central Manchester

central manchester

A 40ft-deep crater has appeared in middle of Mancunian Way blocking a major route around the city centre. The sinkhole opened up around midday on Friday 14th August in central Manchester after torrential rain hit the city, with almost half of August’s rain falling in only 6 hours(1). United Utilities said the section of Mancunian