Cheshire Brine and salt extraction: a history

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By Ceri Sansom (Environmental Manager, Groundsure) and Rebecca Paul (Chief Officer, Cheshire Brine Subsidence Board)    Cheshire has a long and fascinating history of salt extraction, which needs to be considered when developing in the area, as it can cause ground stability problems. Here we take a brief look at this history and explore the


Riparian Rights

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In September 2016 the BBC reported ‘Residents who had to evacuate their homes after a river wall collapsed are locked in a dispute over repairs they fear could cost £500,000. They own the boundary wall along the River Arun at Arundel, West Sussex, which gave way in January after high tides and heavy rainfall. But


Environmental fines are on the rise: Are you at risk?

With environmental fines climbing ever higher and frequently making headlines in the last year, it’s key that organisations with interests in financed or leased waste sites understand the current outlook, legal trends and make the right provisions to limit their financial and reputational exposure. Key to this is understanding what is driving environmental fines like